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I Cleaned Up My Desktop

Well, I cleaned up my desktop.


Hey, I have decided to post something today, yay.


I am scared.

Sometimes, if I'm around someone, especially in a crowd, I try to watch what I think and think anything nasty or naughty, because I think people can read my mind. Thats all.

So...so cold.

Well, I just made the half hour trip home, in the rain. The pouring rain, the kind of rain that makes people hide in their houses, that kind of rain. Any how, it was the best half hour trip home ever, theres something about the rain that makes me kinda happy, its fun. This stuff isnt gonna let up for 4 days or so they say, so smiles. Here are some pictures for you, so be happy everyone.

This is a face and Rorschach from Watchmen.

This is a BumbleBear.

A cautious sock-puppet

Thats all folks.

Does this bacon make me look fat?

Slowly regaining conciousness after a week of no drawing pad and more weeks in the forseeable future, too many drawings in too short a time. Usually takes me a month to fill up a 200 page sketch book. My History teacher is all up in my grill too, the other day, I was just sitting there doing the work she assigned me and out of the blue she yelled at me, then I yelled back at her in front of the whole class, telling her that she told me to do this,  and she seemed a little embarrassed. The only problem is she does this kinda thing all the time and I'm starting to think she is a little sexist, but dont tell anybody I said it (. . )

Slooooow slow week, hope any body reading this has a good week.

P.S. I'm gonna try and at least make weekly posts, maybe some with a weekful of some sketches, so watch out for it.